The course contains four modules. You can work at your own pace when you have time and therefore have control over how long you will take to finish the course and earn your Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

You will need approximately 45 hours to complete each module including the assignments.

Each module has two assignments that you must complete and send to your tutor by e-mail. Your tutor will mark and grade your work. The modules also have self correcting exercises along with the answer key and accompanying notes to help you see your own progress on the course. You can e-mail or write to your personal tutor as often as you need to. Your tutor will do his or her best to reply to you the same or following day. If your assignment needs to be improved your tutor will make helpful suggestions. The course includes reading, setting tasks, self-correcting exercises and written assignments. There are 4 modules in this course:



By the end of this module you should:

1. be aware of the nature of language

2. have a knowledge of the different varieties of language

3. understand what constitutes error in language

4. understand how language is acquired

5. know which methodologies can be used to teach English

6. know the principles on which modern language teaching is based



By the end of this module you should:

1. be aware of the aids available to the language teacher

2. know many of the techniques for using them

3. know what is involved in developing language skills

4. know how the aids and techniques can be used to do this



By the end of the unit you should:

1. be aware of the factors affecting teaching aims

2. know what is involved in syllabus design

3. have a procedure for evaluating textbooks

4. understand the role of the teacher and have a basis for self-evaluation

5. be aware of the different modes of classroom interaction

6. be able to plan effective lessons

7. have a fund of ideas for planning lessons



By the end of the module you should:

1. have a knowledge of the main concerns of linguistic theory

2. know many linguistic terms and categories be able to approach linguistic texts with confidence

3. have started to relate linguistic theory to the practice of teaching

4. be thinking more clearly about the content of what you teach