Pearson Primary English products bring top quality content, assessment and blended learning solutions together, to partner with teachers and students worldwide. As a result, teachers are better able to engage students with English language learning, supporting them to achieve their full potential, seamlessly progress to the next level of learning and develop valuable life skills. Press on the books to discover contents of books. ​


Big English Plus engages students with rich and varied content, encourages progress with on-going review and assessment and helps develop independent learning and critical thinking with challenging activities.

Big English Plus takes the proven methodological approach and features of Big English and enhances these with 25% additional reading, grammar and exam preparation material. Big English Plus addresses the needs of intensive, aspirational schools for more teaching material to consolidate core skills and prepare students for exams.

Big English Plus provides everything teachers need to deliver great lessons and achieve high results: rich content and photo-intensive design, a real world focus, integrated assessment and an online practice and diagnostic tool.